Mar-Anon Pamphlets:

 These pamphlets are to provide education and can be downloaded for anyone to use.
Please have these pamphlets available at in-person meetings and take them to medical offices, recovery centers, schools, etc.  

What is Mar-Anon?
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  What is Sponsorship?   What is Cannabis
Use Disorder?

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What is Cannabinoid
Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)?

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  What is Cannabis
Induced Psychosis (CIP)?

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  What about Cannabidiol (CBD)?
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  Detoxing from Marijuana
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How To Run A Meeting:

Join our Google Mar-Anon Group
To learn about new meetings, updates and general information. The only requirement for membership is that a person be affected by  another’s marijuana addiction.  This is a private group, so those interested must submit a request to join the group.