Due to a lack of attendants and hosts, CHAT MEETINGS are no longer available.  If you are interested in hosting a meeting, please contact


There is a private Mar-Anon Google Group available, which has DISCUSSION BOARDS around the 12-Steps, as well as general sharing.  The only requirement for membership is that a person be affected by a another's marijuana addiction.  This is a private group, so those interested must submit a request to join the group.  You can also search Google Groups for "Mar-Anon".



Due to a lack of attendants and hosts, we are no longer running phone meetings.  If you are interested in hosting a phone meeting, please contact


Local Meetings

COMING SOON: Tigard (Portland), Oregon


If you are interested in starting a meeting in your local community, please contact us at  We will add your information to this page.

Mar-Anon is an emerging 12-step Family Group and does not yet have the same resources and global reach as other established 12-step programs.  We look forward to building a community together!

Al-Anon is another 12-step program that, while traditionally geared towards those affected by a loved-one's alcoholism, is also welcoming of anyone affected by marijuana addiction.