Private CHAT MEETINGS are held here on Mondays at 12pm Central Time, and Thursdays at 4pm Central Time.

To request access to these chat sessions, please email and provide your first name and last initial (this will be your username), and your preferred email address.  You will receive an email with login information.  Once logged-in, you will see the chat menu in the lower right-hand corner of your window.

Current chat users login here:


There is a private Mar-Anon Google Group available, which has DISCUSSION BOARDS around the 12-Steps, as well as general sharing.  The only requirement for membership is that a person be affected by a another's marijuana addiction.  This is a private group, so those interested must submit a request to join the group.  You can also search Google Groups for "Mar-Anon".


Monday Musings is a private Mar-Anon meeting held 24/7 via EMAIL. New topics are introduced each Monday. Since this is a private group, you'll need to request to join the email meeting.  You can also search Google Groups for "Mar-Anon Email Meeting".



(Starting 6/5/17) Every Monday at 8pm Eastern.  The fourth Monday of each month will include a group conscience (business) meeting to discuss meeting format and any other feedback.  We are looking for people interested in helping to chair the meetings.

(515) 604-9031
Access code: 130098


Local Meetings

COMING SOON: Tigard (Portland), Oregon


If you are interested in starting a meeting in your local community, please contact us at  We will add your information to this page.

Mar-Anon is an emerging 12-step Family Group and does not yet have the same resources and global reach as other established 12-step programs.  We look forward to building a community together!

Al-Anon is another 12-step program that, while traditionally geared towards those affected by a loved-one's alcoholism, is also welcoming of anyone affected by marijuana addiction.