What is Mar-Anon?

Over the years, some of us have tried to find support in Al-Anon or in Nar-Anon. Many desperate families have contacted Marijuana Anonymous (M.A.) looking for help.  Mar-Anon is a 12-Step program designed specifically for those who are affected by another’s marijuana use.

Questions to determine if Mar-Anon could help you:

1. Do you think someone in your life is addicted to marijuana?
2. Is marijuana use a source of conflict in your relationship?
3. Are you enabling chronic marijuana use – financially or emotionally?
4. Do you feel bad when other people doubt that marijuana can be addictive or harmful?
5. Do you worry that the addict has retreated from your relationship or from life?
6. Do you think marijuana use has changed the addict’s personality?
7. Have you ever been embarrassed or ashamed by the marijuana user’s habit?
8. Have you ever hoped the addict  would “grow out of” using?
9. Do you try to get the addict to seek treatment for emotional/mental issues?
10. Have you attended other 12-step meetings for support and felt your specific concerns were not addressed?

How it works:

Mar-Anon is a fellowship of those affected by  another person’s marijuana use.  Its foundation is the Twelve Steps, adapted from Marijuana Anonymous, which can be a powerful, life-changing tool.  We come together to work the steps and offer hope, comfort and support for other members.  We are not a religious group, instead we use the steps as a path of self-discovery and personal change.

DOs and DON’Ts (adapted from Al-Anon):

DON’T take your loved one’s choices or behavior personally
DON’T try to manipulate or control your loved one
DON’T allow yourself to get stuck in a judgmental, contemptuous or bitter mindset DO keep the focus on yourself
DO take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually
DO try to understand the nature of addiction as a disease
DO attend open Marijuana Anonymous meetings and read their literature
DO attend Al-Anon meetings and read their literature
DO respect the anonymity of all 12-Step program members and the confidentiality of meetings
DO contact Mar-Anon!

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You are not alone!