The following is a letter from a person with Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD):

I Have A Marijuana Addiction. I Need Your Help.

Don’t lecture, blame or scold me. You wouldn’t be angry with me if I had cancer or diabetes. 

Don’t let me provoke your anger. If you attack me verbally or physically, you will only confirm my bad opinion of myself.

Don’t let your love and anxiety for me lead you into doing what I ought to do for myself. Don’t accept my promises. I will promise anything to get you off my back. The nature of my illness can prevent me from keeping my promises, even though I might mean them at the time.

Don’t make empty threats. Once you have made a decision, stick to it.

Denial of reality is a symptom of my illness. I am likely to lose respect for those I can fool too easily.

Don’t let me take advantage of you or exploit you in any way. Don’t cover up for me or try in any way to spare me the consequences of my using. Don’t lie for me, pay my bills, or meet my obligations. It may avert or reduce the very crisis that would prompt me to seek help. I can continue to deny I have a problem as long as you provide an automatic escape from the consequences of my use. 

Above all, do learn all you can about marijuana and marijuana addiction and your role in relation to me. Go to open Marijuana Anonymous meetings when you can. Attend Mar-Anon and Al-Anon meetings regularly, read their literature, and keep in touch with Mar-Anon and Al-Anon members. They’re the people who can help you see the situation clearly.

I love you.